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Badminton (Medics)

Medics Badminton offers anyone a chance to pick up a racket and have a game. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro just come along and join in the fun! 


We play weekly at Jubilee Sports Centre and welcome people of all abilitiesSee you there on SATURDAYS 1-3pm!


There are going to be some matches and tournaments coming up, so come and get some practice! We have spare rackets and shuttles - just don't forget to bring your sports membership card.


Purchase your membership here: 


Men's Captain: Nimai Thakrar
Women's Captain: Isabella Ghahramani
General Secretary: Aashelesha Galla
President: Zenia Gandhi
Social Secretary: Sanjana Mamidipalli and Navya Nijil
Treasurer: Nathan Man
Vice President: Lauren Lee
Publicity officer: Laura Vahey

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