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Hi everyone!


Below you will find the Virtual Fresher’s Fair, organised by the previous MedSoc Committee (2020/21). Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were unable to accommodate for an in-person fair last year, but the previous committee did a wonderful job in pulling all the societies together to present the opportunities on offer. Feel free to have a look through what’s available, and as the summer progresses, we will be able to provide you with the most updated information regarding the upcoming year!

An Important Message from your SU:

Remember that Welcome Fair Stall and Grant Funding Applications are open until 30th July! (Grant funding is for all student groups that are not UON Sport and is your main funding source from the SU!) You need to be logged into your UoN SU email to complete!

Welcome Fairs: 

Grant Funding: 

Need help with your grant funding application? just drop us an email:

Click on a Society/Sponsor that takes your interest and you'll be taken to their Youtube Interview with all the info you need!!

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