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MedSoc Teaching

MedSoc is here to look after all your needs, including passing that all important degree! We'll be organising peer teaching, revision sessions, practice OSCEs, providing notes and much more.

MedSoc Teaching

MedSoc Teaching is the branch of MedSoc devoted to making you get the most out of the academic side of medical school. We are the overarching branch for all the MedSoc teaching societies and co-ordinate with them to put on fantastic teaching to help you guys become better doctors. Be sure to check out our teaching societies. 

We have started weekly neuro-anatomy teaching to help uncover the most difficult topic in medical school. 

We will be putting on revision sessions for every module in 1st and 2nd years as well as practice OSCEs to help you nail those exams. We will also be creating notes, handbooks and guides to different modules.

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