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Your Sports Officier

Hi, I’m Huw and I will be your sports officer for the next year!

After far too long of being unable to play or watch any sport, this next 2021/2022 season looks to be very promising for our medics sports teams. With the hope of a first-ever Birmingham varsity before Christmas and the plan to hold the annual varsity vs Leicester in Nottingham in February/March next year, Notts will look to maintain and assert our sporting dominance over the midlands. Even further than the midlands, our teams will be re-entering the NAMS competitions, which involve competing with all other medical schools in the country at the pinnacle of medical school sports.

IMS is also a key part of medics sports, competing against UoN teams and other societies, with weekly competition acting as a fun and exciting way to get involved in sports. To try and encourage even more participation in IMS and spectators to cheer on your fellow medics there is now a medic sports Instagram page @nottsmedicsport, where you will be able to see fixtures, locations and results of all the teams who represent the med school.

I can’t wait for this season to begin and to be able to make as many big sporting events happen as possible! GO NOTTS!


A-Z Sports

If you would like to join a sports club or simply find out more about it, click on the icons below!

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Badminton (Medics)


Men's Football (Medics)


Rowing (Medics)

medics-basketball men.png

Basketball (Medics)


Women's Football (Medics)


Rugby (Medics)

NUMFC & Tennis logos.png

Tennis (Medics)


Cheerleading (Medics) 


Hockey (Medics)


Squash (Medics)


Cricket (Medics)


Netball (Medics)


Table Tennis (Medics)

Volleyball (Medics)

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