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MedSoc Committee 2020-21

Presenting to you the fabulous new MedSoc Committee (2021/22)! We’ve been working all summer to make this year the best one yet, and we cannot wait to show you what we’ve planned. If you ever have any questions or suggestions throughout the year, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any one of us :)


Umer Memon (he/him)


As the living embodiment of the “Stonks” meme, this man (some would say financial robot) knows just about anything and everything when it comes to finance. 

When he’s not sat at his computer finding out more ways to make money, you can find him at a car dealership negotiating cars down to basically pennies. You could not have got a better treasurer even if you paid. 

It’s not all money and paperwork though, you can also find Umer living his best life enjoying parties and meeting up with friends, especially on Halloween. Last year this man wore a huge cardboard box, painted it, and his face, to dress up as spongebob. He really likes to go above and beyond so you can expect good affordable nights out next year with MedSoc’s finest himself!

hannah ord.jpg

Hannah Ord (she/her)

General Secretary

Meet Hannah this year’s General Sec! In non-covid times she can always be found dancing in Ocean or the Athletics corner of crisis. One of her greatest talents is being able to go on a night out and still being up for the 9am the next day. 
Hannah is always up for a brunch (especially if it is bottomless) and can regularly be found running around Lenton. 
She is super friendly and always up for a chat if you see her around med school or in T&L (her favourite library). With her in control this year’s welcome fair will definitely be the best on yet!


Charlotte Petter (she/her)

Social Sec

Shimmying all the way up from the south we have Charlotte. If she was an object, she would unquestionably be glitter, having the ability to be simultaneously all over place and yet somehow perfectly placed to spice up any occasion in her role as social sec. You will probably hear her before you see her, which is quite an achievement considering her lengthy stature and questionable choice of dance moves. You can find Charlotte on any dance floor wearing her famous sparkly shades, so hang onto your shapes as she will definitely try to throw some! Get ready to have your year kitted out by Charlotte and Dilan with some superb socials, they can’t wait to meet you.


Sanjana Mamidipalli (she/her)


Madam President a.k.a Sanjana Mamidipalli is a bubbly, enthusiastic person who can be found doing many different activities, whether it is playing badminton, crocheting, saving the world vaccinating, or saving her pot of chai from overflowing! She also has a creative side and she will take any opportunity to demonstrate her artistic talent through henna - so make sure you ask her because she'll happily do it (and do it well) in the middle of a drinks night!

She is very friendly and approachable, if you meet her make sure to ask her for an interesting fact - it's guaranteed that she will tell you that she lived in Japan as a child. And if you get to know her well enough, you will definitely be made to sit through a 400 hour Bollywood movie, but if you are lucky she may make you some yummy samosas! 

Sanjana possesses all the qualities and more of being the president that MedSoc needs!


Skye MacIntyre

Vice President for Events

Skye is your new vice president for the year. Whether she's attending yet another bottomless brunch or downing VKs at crisis she's a great time to be around.  Whatever time she’s back from a night out she will always be up at the crack of dawn ready to cram as much into her day as possible. With passions for underwater basket weaving and heptathlon she is constantly on the go and busy, so if you ever have any ideas for something to keep her entertained just let us know. She is always organising something, so she'll be a great person to help organise the events that happen this year and boy does she have some big plans. 

Overall Skye's very excited for this year and I can't wait to see what she manages to achieve!


William Dalgliesh (he/him)

Vice President for Activities & Welfare

Meet Will, your VP for Activities and Welfare! With a heart as big as his smile, Will is bound to be an outstanding member of MedSoc and will always be willing to offer support and help to those who need it. He comes with plenty of experience, both as a member of the MedSoc support team and head of socials and activities on the University Air Squadron!
When he’s not sinking pints at everyone’s favourite pub (sheaves!), you can find Will in the kitchen cooking up a variety of incredible dishes from all corners of the world. If you enjoy the Mandalorian, make sure to ask Will about his extensive collection of Baby Yoda merchandise!

Committee Members


Aashlesha Galla

Publicity Officer

Meet your new publicity officer, Aashlesha Galla! Yeah, long name, which is why most people call her Esha. As publicity officer, she’s the one in charge of displaying and promoting all the events going on within Medsoc. She can’t draw but her creativity and open-mindedness towards everything she does more than makes up for that. There’s also the veritable repertoire of dad jokes and puns that she never seems to run out of. Thankfully this is nicely balanced out by the fact that she’s very approachable and always up to try something new, whether that be badminton, basketball or trying a new cuisine! 

She also plays the piano and loves swimming and water sports. Of course that is unrivalled by her love for coffee and always wanting to find another cute cafe to go to. And if you’re looking for a good debate or even just some fun conversation… look no further! She’s open to pretty much any kind, whether that be at medics badminton or over a cup of coffee, so don’t hesitate to talk to her if you ever need anything!


Huw Shopland

Sports Officer

Meet Huw CHOPland, medics rugby's resident pocket rocket. But don’t be fooled what Huw lacks in height he makes up for in personality, he’s friends with everyone and his enthusiasm is infectious and a great energy to have on our MedSoc committee. Huw tops your average sportsman with his love for big old grins he can often be found on the crisis dance floor with an ear to ear smile so don’t be afraid to go say hi if you spot him! 

Huw has studied hard for this role, attending 2 years of Medic Rugby socials in preparation so we can look forward to a great year of medics sports events and the infamous varsity.


Zenia Gandhi

International Rep

Meet Zenia your international rep for the coming year! Arguably Dubai’s finest export since crude oil.  Whether it’s to make failed banana bread tiktoks or grab an impromptu (and regretful) boba from chatime Zenia is the one to go to. Sociable yet socially awkward this year’s international rep has plenty planned to make up for a year we were more negative (hopefully) than positive. Zenia’s ideal night out involves either indie rock arctic monkeys kinda music at Rock city or an absolute bangin bollynight at Pryzm. She loves solving others problems (whilst avoiding her own) so rest assured she will give you some solid, unfiltered,  tough love advice! Beware though, she will probably judge you through your spotify playlists.


Fazil Mohammad

Societies Officer

Meet Fazil, he is outgoing, sporty, and even though he may look intimidating, I promise you he won’t bite! When he is not in the library you can find him having a kickabout on the football pitch, he could have made it pro level but he “injured his knee”. 

Even though he is teetotal, he knows how to have a good time on a night out and can annoyingly eat as much as he wants without gaining any weight. He is an amazing person and a great addition to MedSoc! 


Laiba Imran (she/her)

Charities Officer

Meet Laiba, your new charities officer. A fun and party-fuelled person who loves to sleep (the irony is real) and can sometimes be found napping on the nearest sofa/floor/GP placement. If she’s not sleeping, she’s certainly at ink top floor dancing (very badly) and having a great time. Laiba has no rhythm whatsoever but what she lacks in talent, she makes up for in enthusiasm. Somewhat ironically, a place she can’t be found is the lecture theatres, it’s a rare and beautiful sight to spot Laiba occasionally walk through the doors of LT3. You wanna know how to treat agammaglobulinemia? She is not your girl. Want someone to take your OSCE for you? Also not your girl. You need some back up in a fight? She is definitely your girl.

Aside from her love affair with sleep, Laiba enjoys taking endless photos for her Instagram, walking into everything (no, seriously, EVERYTHING), and a good night in playing scrabble. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking you can beat her: she’s practically a prodigy. A true competitor at heart, she is always saying yes to things and being up for any challenge, including regularly falling off the bouldering wall at DRSV.

P.S. Bring her food to ensure your place in her heart!


Syed Aftab (he/him)

2nd Year Rep

Meet Syed, he is extremely disorganised and has asked me to write this last minute. However, in saying that he is incredibly charismatic and will make an excellent addition to MedSoc. He always goes to bed early and naps in the day: in fact, you’ll rarely see him doing any work because he is just so efficient. He will certainly bring this efficiency to Medsoc. Many can testify to the fact that he is an excellent delegator and genuinely enjoys helping other medics to succeed. Despite his complete and utter lack in social media presence, most people in the medicine community seem to have heard of him because of his supreme networking skillz. He enjoys badminton and the gym and never passes up an opportunity to watch an extra webinar.

Syed is going to be helping to organise the medic parent scheme as well as the freshers (and refreshers?) ball. Even though he is teetotal, this seshmonster can be spotted in his natural habitat centre stage at any party.


Evanne Webster (she/them)


Evanne (Evie) is a coffee fuelled GEM student, often found lurking on ambulances as a paramedic when not nose-deep in books! She is a vocal and staunch supporter of and fighter for LGBT+ rights in all shapes and forms, uses she/they pronouns, and is frank and open about their own mental health issues and LGBT+ identity. 

She is your brand-new LGBT+ representative for the year and always willing and able to provide a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or company! If you are struggling with your own LGBT+ identity, or have any difficulties, please get in touch and know that it will always be kept confidential!


Ahsab Chowdhury (he/him)

Sponsorship Officer

The international man of mystery. A man of Bangladeshi decent, holding an Australian passport whilst currently living in Bahrain – a pool of accents so jarring that his parents had to send him to private school to sort him out. Therefore, when greeting Ahsab please perform the traditional private school meeting; hop on your left leg 5 times whilst saying a prayer to Margaret Thatcher. If you fail to do so, Ahsab will place you on his red list – a document sent the queen annually for purge. Having known Ahsab for a year, he considers himself a skater boy, and yet on his first skate at Nottingham he sprained his ankle. He claims to have panicked, a classic Tory cover up. Please also refrain from commenting on his taste of music or clothing as it will perpetuate his ever-growing ego to dangerous levels. Ahsab is also known a ladies’ man, and if you’re like me, you’ll invest in a friendship to secure a meeting with his two cats- I means ladies back in Bahrain (Chilli and Bean are easily cuter than him). Ahsab is also a keen swimmer and squash player, so don’t worry! Because if you see him at the David Ross centre, he definitely isn’t hitting the gym.


Sidiq Aboobaker

4th Year Rep

Meet Sid, your 4th year rep!! Having been on committee since the start of his time at med school, his commitment is unparalleled & there’s nothing Sid wouldn’t do for MedSoc!! Known for being a teetotal party animal, his greatest talent is his ability to regularly complete Crisis All Nighters (with the help of several Red Bulls & Monsters) & still make 9AMs (although his attendance is now becoming somewhat questionable...)!

 When he’s not busy partying, he can be found letting off some steam on the tennis court, napping, or making his 3rd omelette of the day!! Sid is super enthusiastic & friendly & loves a good natter with everyone, & aims to ensure everyone feels happy &
included, so don’t hesitate to stop & have a chat with him if you ever need anything!!


Ashrit Chohan

Website and Communications Officer

Meet Ashrit, your new website and communications officer, a responsible and mature guy who also happens to love a night out at ocean. Quick and efficient both in public and in private Ashrit is your go to when it comes to communication. Versed in country, rap and bhangra music whatever your vibe Ashrit has you covered. Stern looking, he may look slightly unapproachable on the surface, but he is extremely easy to talk to. In fact, give him a bit of vodka and some coke and he’ll talk you into tomorrow! Having had a long history with many different websites, Ashrit is no stranger to a clunky and difficult to navigate interface so you can rest assured that the Medsoc webpage is in good hands.

When he’s not in the library studying, out partying or watching cricket, you’ll find him
teaching anatomy as part of SCRUBS. If you see Ashrit around don’t be shy and ask him to
recite the words to any Shrek movie: he knows them all!

elle dean.jpg

Elle Deane

5th Year Rep

Meet Elle, your 5th year rep! When she is not revising, Elle can usually be found baking, looking after her house plants or walking her dog. Elle is always happy to stop for a chat if you see her in the corridor, and ready to listen if you need some help. 


Khushi Joshi

BME Officer

Meet your new BME officer- Khushi, who is most definitely a whole lot of Khushi (happiness) and absolutely no gham(sadness). Khushi is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet and her presence feels like a big warm hug! She’s the most efficient DIY person so if you ever need anything fixed or you need a tool - Khushi is your person because she can fix absolutely anything with her toolbox of literally every tool you can imagine! You might have to convince her to show you but she is very artistic and her sketches are beyond impressive. When she’s not singing or drawing, you’ll find Khushi playing in Medics hockey, shopping in Zara or running late! If you happen to have a in depth conversation with your new BME officer I can guarantee you she’ll mention her crazy adventures in Swaziland which she claims is the only interesting thing about her but she won’t mention to you that she’s been skydiving twice unassisted!! She’s very approachable and a great addition to MedSoc!

Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 12.34.47.png

 Dilan Ozdemir

Social Sec

Introducing to you your new Social Secretary for MedSoc - East London’s finest olive toned road girl - Dilan Ozdemir! 

Dilan lives up to the stereotype of being a Libra- she’s extroverted, charming, of course indecisive but the kindest human you’ll meet! Within a few months of knowing her she’ll adopt the unofficial assigned role of being your Uni mum and her warm hugs are definitely a testament to that! You’ll find Dilan dancing away to the tunes on the top floor of lnk or fighting with bouncers for her free drink and yours. 

Although she’s 5ft 3 inches her punches are very powerful and they’ll only get stronger with her ever improving boxing skills (yet somehow a spider will keep her up awake all night).

When she’s not saving lives with Street Doctors, she’s either baking her famous Oreo cheesecake (which by the way is GBBO standard) or cleaning the kitchen till it’s spotless whilst dancing to Burna Boy. She’s also the best host you’ll ever know, she’ll prepare a full 3 meal course because she’s kind hearted like that and if you’re lucky she might even offer you her own homemade yoghurt - which is beyond better than what any store sells! If you ever need any tips related to hair care, Dilan’s your person, she’ll run you through her entire routine for her award winning hair! (Even though it’s her amazing Kurdish genes) And if you need a beanie or basically any item of clothes,she can probably crochet you it in about 2 hours - it probably helps that she’s ambidextrous!! And on that note It’s very safe to say that as your new social secretary, all events are in incredibly safe hands with Dilan! 


Monisha Gupta (she/her)

ENTs Officer

Meet Monisha, your ‘wack’ new ENTs officer from Sunderland. When she’s not working at SU Spar or volunteering you’ll find her bay-watching at Ocean or perfecting her unique kazoo playing skill, occasionally slut-dropping at Ink. This social butterfly loves a night out whilst asking everyone “what’s the craic?!” at Medics Bar. Nottingham’s very own Dolly Parton wannabe is perfect to organise the best events this year! You can count on her to get everyone dancing (mainly twerking) and having a good time This friendly queen is always looking for ways to make events more accessible and diverse so hit her up with any ideas you may have!


Sheeza Fateh

Welfare Officer

Sheeza runner Sheeza trackstar - but most importantly she’s your incoming Welfare Officer :) Whatever you want to have a chat about - something you’re struggling with or just some of your icks, she’s your gal! When she’s not modelling her daily fits around Lenton or hosting the best parties in her garden, she’s definitely giving you the warmest hug or telling you about how much she loves cows! Arguably the most renowned star of Gemini season, she’ll joke about being two-faced but her warm nature interlaced with her social butterfly habits makes her the kindest to have graced your presence! Spontaneous is her middle name, so ring her half an hour before you want to go out or get some sushi and she’ll be at your door (she might be a bit late though). She’s Leeds’s finest and she comes bearing love, there’s no doubt she’ll be the best Welfare Officer yet :)


Tanya Deshmukh

2nd Year Rep

Meet Tanya, your other second year rep. This international superstar never rests. You can find her partying into the early hours of the morning and then going on a 5am productivity walk because she literally never sleeps. She’s friendly and fashionable so will always be down for a chat at all hours and will be more than happy to dish out outfit advice to anybody who bothers to listen. You couldn’t even ask for a more welcoming person than Tanya to help with Welcome Week.

As an avid astrologer she’ll also make sure the stars are aligned when matching freshers to their medic parents. If astrology isn’t your thing, then the fact that she knows almost everything and anything that goes on in the med school should make you rest assured that the finest of pairings will be made.

After retiring from swimming at the top of her game Tanya never lost her competitive spirit and is determined to make this year's freshers and freshers balls the best ever. You can find Tanya recording wherever she goes; she could start a channel with all her content. Honestly, if she wasn’t already organising the balls we would have hired her as the videographer.

P.S. Give her Little Moons to keep her happy

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