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Here at the University of Nottingham School of Medicine, there are different people you could talk to if you ever need anything. Whatever you need help with or would like to talk about - please don't suffer alone or in silence!

Your Welfare Team


William Dalgliesh

Vice President for Activities & Welfare 

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Sheeza Fateh

Welfare Officer

Hi my name is Sheeza. My role for this year will be signposting people to any welfare related help/recourses that they may need and listening to any concerns. I will also be organising a welfare week for the med school.


Khushi Joshi

BME Officer

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Evanne Webster

LGBT+ Officer

As the LGBT+ representative, I’m here to support and represent the LGBT+ community at Nottingham Medical School - improving education on relevant issues, supporting students who are questioning or facing difficulties, and running events. If you need to chat, please drop me a message!

Useful Information


Your Medic Parent

Every medical student is assigned a mum or dad from the year above, who you will meet on your first day. These families continue throughout your 5 years here, so you will have grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents too, as well as becoming a parent yourself in second year! They are the best people to contact for questions about the course/exam tips/ Nottingham life/ etc., as well as asking for their old notes. They were in your position only a year ago - make use of their wisdom!

The MedSoc Welfare Officer

Sheeza Fateh

Facebook: Sheeza Fateh



This is a student-run, anonymous, confidential, non-directive listening and information service, contactable during term time between 7pm-8am.

0115 951 4985 / 07786 208 408

Nightline logo.jpg

Every student is assigned a personal tutor who can be anyone within the medical school, from lecturers to clinicians. You will have regular meetings with them throughout the first few years. They are your main port of call within the School of Medicine and a great for:

  1. References

  2. Advice on where to go for academic issues

  3. Advice and guidance on University policies, including Extenuating Circumstances

  4. Able to refer to specialist services

  5. Encourage development and maintenance of wellbeing

  6. Advice on how to maximise your University experience

Your Personal Tutor

Your Peer Mentor

These are a group of around 40 voluntary, trained second-year students under the MedSoc Support scheme who are each assigned 4-5 first year students. They will email you to introduce themselves before term starts. They are contactable throughout first year for any problem but will be good people to talk to when your medic parent can't help.

A MedSoc Supporter

MedSoc Support is a student-run, confidential, non-advisory listening service who are there for anything you want to talk about. They are a group of around 1- voluntary, highly-trained students in each year group. They will regularly post their contact details on your Facebook group and hold drop-in sessions through the year.

MedSoc Support logo.png

A Senior Tutor

Yvonne Mbaki, Margy Pratten & Rich Roberts

There are 3 senior tutors who are contactable when your personal tutor can't help/ you would prefer not to talk to your personal tutor. They are responsible for overall academic and pastoral support and advice during early years BMedSci, GEM, A108 & BSc programmes.

Appointment requests:

Who Do I Talk To.png
yvonne mbaki.jpg

A Clinical Sub-Dean

William Atiomo and Dilip Nathan

They are the equivalent of senior tutors for the clinical phases

Appointment requests:


The Director of Student Wellbeing

Overseeing all pastoral support for undergraduate students in the School of Medicine

Disability Liaison Officer for UG students, advising on reasonable adjustments

01332 724726

Pam Hagan

pam hagan.jpg

The Welfare Team

Rani Mukherjee-Neale and Sandra Rose

The School of Medicine also has a Welfare Team who can support you with more significant or complex issues than your personal tutor may be able to:

  1. Support and advice on a wide range of issues

  2. Able to refer to specialist services

  3. Advice and guidance on University policies, including Extenuating Circumstances

  4. Liaise between student, School of Medicine, SU and central services withing the university

  5. C-Card registration and pick up

Appointment and email queries:

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.27.57.png

This is a charity that offer a safe place for you to talk, any time of day or night, in your own way - about whatever's getting to you

0115 941 1111 / 116 123


University Central Services

SU Advice Centre

Offers free and impartial course, employment, health and wellbeing, housing, and money advice and information

0115 846 8730

Cripps Health and Dental Centres

Offers standard and specialist GP, nurse-led, dentist and hygienist clinics and services. Register ASAP.

0115 846 8888 / 0115 950 6781

Financial Support

Provides information and advice on all aspects of student finance to both current and prospective students

0115 82 32071

Mental health professionals that offer specialist advice and support by referral from University staff/GP/NHS

Mental Health Advisory Service

Chaplains are available to support students of any faith or none in the journey, practice, or exploration of faith

0115 951 3931

Chaplaincy and Faith Support

Accessibility Team

Academic and disability support for students with a disability, learning difficulty, or long-term medical condition

Pamela Hagan: (see above)

Visa and immigration support for applicants, current students and their families, and recent graduates

0115 84 66125

Immigration Advisors

Offers free, professional, confidential support for any personal or psychological problems, available by self-referral

0115 951 3695

The University Counselling Service

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