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Squash (Medics)

Only back from placement at 6pm? No biggie, squash knows nothing of the restraints suffered by the enjoyers of other sports - tennis in the slippery winter, football in the rain... It's always the right time to play on the UoN's state of the art courts!

Don't have £100 to splash out on expensive sports equipment? No biggie! Rent a racquet for a couple of quid, bring some trainers and you're good to go!

Never played before? No biggie. Take advantage of our 2 coaches (and pandemonium of friendly faces) who relish the opportunity to train up even the most dyspraxic of sports fans.

Medics Squash regularly book out 2 or 3 of the UoN courts on campus to allow a free rolling social squash where members can play a variety of nimble-footed foes. 

For those who excel in the ancient art of racquets, opportunities to shine are in club tournaments and the esteemed Medics Varsity against Leicester Medical School.

Purchase your membership here:


President: Alex Axford 


Membership: £3

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